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Creative & Innovative Wedding Photography
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I am delighted to announce that I am now offering creative mentoring sessions for photographers.

Rubistyle creative mentoring is specialised instruction and guidance for the creative side of your business. Unlike other mentoring services for photographers which generally offer all-in advice for running every aspect of your business day to day, I will be focusing on helping you with what I do best, which is creating artful images on a wedding day using creative thinking and techniques with knowledge of advanced editing to bring out the best in those images.

If you saw my presentation “The Art of Invention With Intention” at the Islanders conference for photographers and videographers in Kilkenny last March, then these sessions will be a much requested and expanded version of this presentation tailored to fit you on a one-to-one basis, including details of my editing processes which were not covered in the presentation.

Who are these sessions for?

Rubistyle creative mentoring sessions are for everyone who wants to expand their creativity, whether new to wedding photography or at it a good few years but just wanting to spice up their shooting. They aren’t only for photographers wanting to improve their portraits, you can apply the learning towards pre wedding sessions and any part of a wedding day. Creative techniques are not just for the portrait session, you should always be on the lookout for compelling shots.

These sessions are about giving you a solid foundation in all-around composition and creative thinking to apply to your shooting and post processing at all times.



Sessions are in person and one-to-one.

DURATION: 6 hours. Includes lunch.
LOCATION: Dublin City Centre or contact me regarding travel.

  • Six hours one-to-one training in creative shooting and editing.
  • An intensive portfolio review (portfolio submitted before the session and discussed during).
  • A follow up 1 hour skype session with a review of your images from up to three weddings post-session.

COST: €650.00 for one-to-one or Share your session with a friend and pay €500 each.

Email me at to book your session.



Not everyone is able to make it to an in-person mentoring session, so if that is you I am also offering skype mentoring sessions where you can ask me anything about my creative processes. Includes a portfolio review (submitted beforehand, discussed during the session).

€250 (2 hours)

Email me at to book your skype session.