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Mount Druid Wedding ~ Megan & Eoin

How I saw last Monday. 14 hours condensed into 7 minutes. Weddings are so much more than just pretty flowers and shoes. They are about people. They are emotional. Please watch and turn the beautiful music by Dexter Britain up loud 🙂

If you are trying to view on an iphone or ipad try this link to the Vimeo version


Jord van den Hooff


Maeve McCarthy

Wow wow wow, Amazing, Very special wedding by the looks of it from the first pic to the last and powerful music. Well done all involved

Nice work.

We are so sorry we could not make it. These are amazing pictures and all of the Root family in Southern Washington wish you all the best. We hope to see you soon so maybe Eoin can save another holiday for me (Ken) personally.

We love you guys!!!!

Ken, Katy, Shannon and Oliver

Gary and Cathy Manchester

Amazing. Megan was beautiful and Eoin was the perfect compliment. Our thoughts and best wishes are with you now and for the rest of your lives together.

The Manchester Family

Christina Brosnan

OMG I know them! Met them in Thailand at a friends wedding. Was wondering who was shooting the wedding as I had heard all about it 🙂 Fab Amy.

Absolutely stunning work Amy! Brilliant story telling.

Peter & Sheila NY

No doubt about it, looks amazing and very well put together .Well done.

This is romantic storytelling at it’s apex, and you can completely feel the love shared among all attendees at this event. An epic. Isn’t this everything a wedding is supposed to be — a couple joined, laughter and merriment, shared emotion, support from family and friends, a stunning setting, lifelong memories. Well done. love love.

Amazing storytelling. Love the photos!

Stunning wedding dress. The smiling faces of all the guests tell the story of how wonderful the day must have been. May you both have many years of happiness. I spent a night in Mount Druid last August and am looking forward to my next visit this july….a wonderful place!

Amy, so wonderful! You were so unobtrusive and invisible most of the time. Thank you for capturing such a special unforgettable moment so beautifully.
The Bride’s mom.

Simply Brilliant!

Absolutley Stunning!!!The photography, the music the atmosphere you created just stole the breath out of my lungs, Im literally left with a lump in my throat. Simply magical..


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