My style is creative and artistic, sometimes surreal and sometimes quirky. It is whatever it makes you feel.

I do like to document moments, especially those ones you might have missed. I also love to photograph pretty details but it's not all about the shoes and dress, details are so much more than that. What did the sky look like on the day you were married? What did it look like from the outside, looking in?

Ultimately, nothing excites me more than the challenge of making something out of nothing. Give me a rainy day, a dark hallway, a carpark or doorway and I'll find a new perspective. A different way of looking at things. I'll show you how it felt to me.

Good weather, pretty beaches and epic cliffs are all great but I don't need those things to tell your story. I just need you to trust that what I see is beautiful and extraordinary, wherever we are and whoever you are.

Because you are the heroes of this story and your story is worth telling right, don't you think?






documentary photographers are there to document and not influence events and There are some great documentary wedding photographers out there doing just that. they won't tell you where to look, where to stand and what to do. some won't even take any group shots or requests, they are purely fly-on-the-wall reportage photographers. then there is the other end of the scale, the traditional wedding photographer. they are very old school and will pose you all day long, set up shots, make you do something again if they missed a shot, definitely very obtrusive and probably not what you are looking for.

luckily, the world is not black and white and there is an alternative.

I love epic portraits and creative shots as much as all the moments and everything in between. For me, it's all part of the story and I think you deserve to have it all. The moments and the magic. I know you want to enjoy the party and you can. We will arrange a time to sneak off and quickly grab some amazing portrait shots of just the two of you when you won't be missed. and yes, i'll put you in that beautiful light, help you out if you're a bit lost, direct rather than pose, calm you down when you're stressed and help you look your best. I'll also gladly take that shot of you with your aunties and make sure to get a great shot of the cake your mum made.

I will certainly let the day unravel and flow for you and document until my input is needed but when you get your photos back the first thing you will notice is that I did, indeed, have an influence on your day.

Because at times I think it is more important to reveal how it felt in an artful way, rather than just record what it looked like.

For me, that's what storytelling is all about.

"there are more worlds than the one you can hold in your hand."

The X-Files